About Me

a lifelong technology entrepreneur

Greetings! I’m Chris Niedojadlo and I’m a lifelong technology entrepreneur. I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with several successful website ventures over the past decade. As a result, I’ve decided to craft my own personal blog to help showcase my expertise in entrepreneurship. Starting my blog gives me a platform to connect with other entrepreneurs and establish business connections. In the process, I hope to meet new acquaintances and share some fun stories.

About me? I’m passionate about startups, website entrepreneurship, traveling and technology. My skillset in online promotion through social media channels has netted many of my companies over seven figures in revenue. With my new blog, I aim to provide my readers with unique industry news, views and reviews. In addition, you may catch the occasional blog post that highlights my adventures from around the world. In life, you don’t get an audition. So why not make the most of it? I’ve challenged myself to be a positive influence to those around me and I feed off of the energy of my peers, coworkers and family.

Some people generically say, “Live life to the fullest” but what does that really mean? For me, it means being able to spend time with my family, work on my ventures and give back to my community. With my skills, I’ve been able to achieve some amazing things. I look forward to enriching my readership with the little nuggets of wisdom I’ve come across along this journey in entrepreneurship.

Legendary business guru Brian Tracy mentions in one of his books that highly successful people often want to see others around them achieve high levels of success. I couldn’t agree more! Without mentorship and motivation, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. I envision all of my business relationships as a win-win. When you provide a good service at a good value, everyone wins. Perhaps that’s a simplistic way of looking at a potentially complex problem; I encourage you to look at issues that arise in your business through the same lens.

Thanks for reading and look for more content soon! For more information about my professional endeavors, visit my LinkedIn page and add me into your network.