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4 Important Factors to
Consider When Acquiring
a Online Business
April 9, 2015
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4 Important Factors to <br />Consider When Acquiring <br />a Online Business
If you’re interested in purchasing an online business, how can you know that the business you’re buying is legit? Let’s face it, anyone can create a WordPress blog, buy an established domain name, Photoshop a few screenshots showing affiliate income and try to sell the website. I’ve read several horror stories on various blogs and […]
General Technology
Emerging Tech Industries
That Could Change the World
April 3, 2015
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Emerging Tech Industries <br />That Could Change the World
Technology is fascinating and the rapid evolution of the tech sector will continue to change the way we interact and do business. Specific niches within the tech industry are rapidly emerging. If you’re in the market for a career change, an entrepreneurial endeavor or if you just like to follow neat technological advances, focus in […]
Business Domain Names General
Research, Build and Cultivate a Websites For Passive Profits
March 24, 2015
Research, Build and Cultivate a Websites For Passive Profits
Would you rather take a job that dictates your lifestyle or would you rather have your lifestyle dictate your job? It’s an important question you must ask yourself, especially if your definition of freedom involves living life on your own terms. If you’re working for someone else, your life may largely revolve around the terms […]
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Time Management & Accountability:
The Secret to Success
March 20, 2015
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Time Management & Accountability: <br /><span>The Secret to Success</span>
The way you spend your time is directly proportionate to the amount of success you have in your entrepreneurial endeavors. The biggest barrier to entry for aspiring entrepreneurs is finding a process that is repeatable and profitable. Once this process is discovered, it’s up to you to put it in action. In order to effectively […]
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Recapping My Recent Trip to Bimini: The Real Bahamas
March 18, 2015
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Recapping My Recent Trip to <span>Bimini: The Real Bahamas</span>
The Bimini Islands are often called the “real” Bahamas. The slow, simple pace of life is one of the islands’ main attractions. I recently had the pleasure of joining my friends on a yacht excursion to the Bimini Islands. The warm ocean breeze combined with the pristine sunset helped me recharge and rejuvenate myself. If […]