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March 8, 2015
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A web host is a company that provides your website with a presence on the internet. Choosing a web host may prove to be a difficult task since there are so many specialty outfits that seem to sprout up overnight. When you are shopping for a web host, here’s my thoughts on what you should consider when selecting a provider.

How Long Have They Been In The Web Hosting Business?

Whenever I have been tasked with selecting a web host, the first question I ask directly pertains the amount of time the company has been in business. If a web host has been in business for several years, they most likely have a track record of actually attaining the coveted 99.99% uptime figure that many hosting companies say they offer. With an actual track record, you can buy with confidence knowing that future uptime numbers will mirror uptime numbers from the past.

Bigger is Not Always Better

That statement may seem contradictory to the above paragraph but hear me out. Some of the bigger providers have been the ones who have had the most noticeable downtime events in recent years. The provider you select may ultimately be the largest provider within that specific hosting market, but it shouldn’t be the only provider you evaluate. When you host websites that have specific requirements, such as website applications that require a VPS, you may need to shop around to find a specialty provider that possesses industry knowledge of your specific niche. These types of providers add value since their expertise may be worth the extra costs.

Web Hosting Reviews: Can They Be Trusted?

The web hosting industry is a multi billion dollar a year industry that encompasses almost every single portion of the globe. If you have a website, you must have a web host. Because of this, web hosting review websites have popped up all over the web in efforts to get their hands on the lucrative affiliate payoffs offered by web hosting companies. In some instances, web hosting companies will pay out over $100 per commission.

With so much money at stake, how can you know that web hosting reviews that you read online are genuine? The truth is, you don’t know. Before I get accused of pointing fingers, I will say that most of the reputable web hosting guides you read contain real, genuine reviews bundled with helpful content. I’m just pointing out that it could be abused and the financial incentive to create false reviews is there. I’m sure many affiliate programs have rules against this sort of thing, but how can it really be enforced? When reading web hosting review websites, it is important to remember that there are profit motives in play. Keep that in mind and make the best decision based on all of the credible data you can gather on all of your prospective providers and use that to formulate your decision.

Stick to Word of Mouth

Word of mouth will always be the best way for businesses to grow. Good service breeds customer relationships and when you impact a business or entity positively, businesses will often see positive effects rapidly. The web hosting industry is no different. Web entrepreneurs often network with other web entrepreneurs and when a new solution is disrupting the market, word tends to spread fast. Web hosting services are often talked about among tech circles and it isn’t uncommon for a developer to give another developer a recommendation on a web hosting service. Ask your friends what services they use and if you don’t have friends within the web entrepreneur field, get online and begin networking within established online communities.

Reviews by Trusted Online Sources

When reading reviews, consider the source and the perspective of the review. For example, if you are reading a testimonial on the sales page of a web host’s website, do you think the web hosting company would ever publish a bad testimonial of their service directly on their website for the world to see? Of course not! Stick to reviews written by sources you know and trust. Review authors histories using Google to ensure that the author just isn’t a shill for a web hosting outfit. Find trusted reviews written by sources you feel are competent and reliable. Use those opinions to formulate your decision making process when you are looking for a hosting provider for your website.

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