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3 Distinctive Tech Skills That Will
Increase Your Earning Potential
May 7, 2015
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By adding skills into your IT repertoire, you can be sure that your career path is ripe with opportunity and innovation. In this article, I’ll discuss three tech skills that I’ve found to be essential while doing my daily tasks. Regardless if you work for yourself or a boss, adding these skill sets will help you bring value to any technology based organization.

WordPress: Swiftly Build Eye-Catching Websites

WordPress allows you to build robust websites rapidly. WordPress is the most popular website platform because it is versatile and well-documented.

Millions of people use WordPress to build their websites everyday. Therefore, if you ever have any questions about your WordPress installation, help is readily available from a variety of WordPress communities. WordPress users are constantly introducing new themes, plugins and functions that allow you to create sophisticated websites in record time.

WordPress can be installed locally on any Windows, Mac or Linux operating system. Most WordPress users buy website hosting and install WordPress from within the website’s control panel. Getting started with WordPress is easy. There’s a plethora of WordPress content available that trains you on how to create an engaging website. When you can create an innovative website that people want to visit, you can likely convert this traffic into profit.

Scripting – The Language of Automation

At first glance, learning a scripting language may sound like a tall task. If you’re a beginner at scripting, I’d recommend that you start out with Microsoft Powershell.

In a nutshell (forgive the slight pun), Powershell allows you to automate almost any task that you’ve had to manually perform within Microsoft Windows. You can even setup a Powershell script as a scheduled task and to perform a certain task on a set schedule. Best of all, Powershell is included for free on most modern Windows operating systems.

Powershell isn’t the only scripting language I’d recommend. If you need a more advanced solution, you may want to begin learning PHP or Python. PHP is helpful because it can do nearly anything that user would have to manually do and PHP can execute these commands on any server based system, regardless if its Windows or Linux.

Users can execute a PHP script through a web browser or they can setup a PHP script to run as a CRON job, which is similar to the Windows Task Scheduler. Python is even more advanced, as some developers use the language for building automation scripts as well as enterprise applications. When you are able to automate much of your day to processes, you can begin to focus on more important things such as making sales.

Become Familiar with ITIL

ITIL is an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL provides strict instructions and guidelines for delivering IT services within an organization. Learning about ITIL is important because it gives you a framework of best practices that allow you to efficiently deliver IT services and support to your clients.

Knowing about ITIL will give you a solid frame of reference on how to deliver services and support to end users. Although ITIL is especially helpful when dealing with corporate clients, implementing ITIL’s best practices will help you and your business appear more competent, better organized and more focused on the task at hand.

If you begin reading about ITIL and feel as if you’d like to master these best practices, you could always parlay that knowledge into an industry recognized ITIL certification. For more information about the ITIL certification, visit Axelos’s official ITIL certification website.

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